Published Tue 30 Apr 2024

The Fencing SA Board have made the following decisions regarding equipment requirements: 

  • "double velcro" closure mask straps 
    • These will be compulsory for Open-A, Veteran, Open-B, Under 17/20 and Under 15 events from 1 July 2024. 
    • These will be compulsory for all remaining Fencing SA events from 1 January 2025. 
    • Refer to FIE Material Rule m25,7.f 
    • Most equipment providers have been manufacturing masks meeting these requirements for several years; any fencers ordering new equipment are always recommended to check with your coach or club admin before purchasing. 
    • Examples of a mask with and without a hard spine are shown below.  
  • Soft chest protector in foil 

Please contact with any queries. 



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