Enrolment Rules


Updated February 2024

Entry to competitions can be made by visiting the Upcoming Competitions & Events page and clicking on the relevant entry link. The participants who have registered can also be viewed from this location. Broken links can be reported by email to erwin.lam@fencingsa.org.au

Standard entries will close at 23:59 the Sunday prior to the competition.

After this, late entries will be open (with a late fee) until Thursday 23:59 prior to the competition.

After this point, entries may be permitted at the discretion of the Competition Manager; evidence of extenuating circumstances must be supplied. Email erwin.lam@fencingsa.org.au. 

Competitions with fewer than 4 entries at the close of late entries will be cancelled.

Notification of cancelled competitions will be posted on the Fencing SA website or social media by close of business on the Saturday prior to competition and registered fencers notified via email. Refunds for entry fees paid will be processed on the day of the notification. All refunds are subject to the FSA refunds policy.

Fencers who enter into multiple events on a single day (especially if multi weapons) need to take into consideration the impacts this may have on the schedule of the day, and need to be prepared to fence in more than one event/weapon simultaneously, or fence multiple bouts in a row. The DT will prioritise the smooth running of the day over an individual fencer's multiple entries. Referees and the DT willl apply the presentation on the piste rule.

In the case of either gender's competition being cancelled due to lack of entrants, those competitors who are entered will be able to fence in the equivalent opposite gender’s competition (provided that competition is going ahead, without consideration of the other event being cancelled) - refer to the mixed event/gender policy.

If a fencer enters a competition but doesn’t make roll-call on the day, and the competition is subsequently cancelled due to lack of numbers, then the absent fencer will not be eligible for a refund. 

Fencers must hold a FencingSA licence (or in the case of interstate/international residents: be licenced in their state/nation) before the closure of the competition entry period or they will be unable to enter. Entry fees must be paid before roll-call or the fencer will be unable to enter.


FSA state competition entry is subject to the following costs:
Base fee (Standard) - registration to tournament: $10
Base fee (Late) - late registration to tournament:  $20
Competition entry fee: $10 per category
Example: To compete in one event, paying a standard entry fee: $10 Base Fee (Regular) + $10 Competition Entry Fee = $20 


$36 Per team, payable by team captain via the event page. No split payments thank you.
Late fee is $20.



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