Where possible, Fencing SA will draw on qualified referees to preside state-level competitions. Referees are dedicated to the task. They may not coach or compete whilst on duty. Referees are expected to wear smart casual dress (at minimum).

Referees will be reimbursed at the following rates (and will be able to elect for EFT or competition entry credits):


  • Full day: $30
  • Half day: $15 (see below for half day definition)

If there are no paid referees available for an event, fencers are expected to be able to self-referee (OPEN, VET, U17/20, some OPEN-B) at pool level, and make themselves available to referee in the current and subsequent DE rounds.

(NB. This does not apply to all fencers in the above-listed events – some may not have the experience or confidence to referee. Self-refereeing duties will be managed on the day of a competition by the Refereeing Coordinator and/or the DT.)

Competitors who go 'above and beyond' with refereeing on a day they are competing may be eligible for compensation, on the Refereeing Coordinator and/or DT’s recommendation to the Board, and the Board’s discretion.

U15, U13, U11 and Schools Competition fencers are not expected to referee themselves. 


  • Start time will be the same for full and half day (morning): competitions commence at 10am, referees are required to be at the venue by 9:30am
  • If doing a half day afternoon – time will be confirmed by the Refereeing Coordinator and any specific individuals notified (but referees should be at the venue 30 minutes prior to the star of the first event they are allocated to referee)
  • End time is fluid per competition day (due to the nature of fencing), but usually ends between 3:00pm and 4:00pm
  • If doing a half day (morning), referees must confirm with the Refereeing Coordinator or DT if they want to extend to a full day (i.e. and expect to be paid for a full day)
  • Half and half (competing/refereeing) – referees may elect to fence in an event in half the day, then referee the other half (e.g. on an open event day). In this case, referees will receive the half day rate. If they are required to referee any bouts in the event they are competing in, they will not be reimbursed for that (see above), only the half day they are a allocated referee for.

Prior to each competition, the Referee Coordinator will put a call out for referees in the week prior to each event. Referees will be allocated to each competition day by the Referee Coordinator, with oversight from the FSA Board and DT. Noting that because entries close two days prior to each competition, the required number of referees may increase with short notice.

Anyone interested in joining the refereeing pool should contact

Prior experience at state and national level, ability to referee more than one weapon, and response time to each competition’s “call out” will be taken into account when allocating referees. Allocation is at the consideration and discretion of the Referee Coordinator (with oversight from the Fencing SA Board and DT).

Having suitably qualified referees is an essential part of developing quality fencing competitions in South Australia. Quality Referees ensure that the competitors have trust in the competitive process and provide more information and interest for spectators.

Fencing SA is currently developing a program for State-level accreditation, to complement the AFF’s system.

We aim to have the program running by end of 2022, with preliminary information sessions in the third quarter of 2022. 

Page last updated: 04/05/22 


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