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Last updated: 13 February 2024 

The following will be used to calculate the ranking points for each gender/category/weapon: 

  • Ranking points will be the sum of the top five results across all results across the current calendar year to date. 
  • Ranking points will only be applied to the age/gender category entered i.e. ranking points from a mixed event will be applied to the fencers' gender
  • Ranking points will be applied to all state level competitions with the exception of schools competitions, and club teams
  • Ranking points will be applied to all National level competitions sanctioned by the AFF (including AYC), with the exception of any competition that does not have a state based equivalent category that has ranking status (e.g. U23 or schools events)
  • No ranking points will be applied for international competitions with the exception of Oceania events in all age categories
  • Ranking points for National and Oceania competitions will only be applied to a fencer's SA ranking if a minimum of two state competitions have been entered in that category
    • Exemptions will be automatically applied if a fencer is travelling with the National Team for a competition (e.g. Oceania, Commonwealth, Asian, World Championships)
    • Competition exemptions for all other reasons (e.g. medical, other training) must be applied for in writing by the fencer within two weeks of the relevant missed state competition - by email to president@fencingsa.org.au
  • All events that are not specifically included in the special ranking points category will have 'Normal' ranking points applied
  • Special ranking points apply to;
    • All National and Oceania events
    • All State "Named" events and State Championships
  • A multiplier will be applied to all results based on the number of gender entered into the competition
  • Where an FSA event is cancelled due to insufficient numbers, those fencers registered by the prescribed cut off time will receive one ranking point for that gender/category/weapon
    • Where a State based gender/category/weapon event is not run at any time during the calendar year due to insufficient numbers, no national points will apply to that event, and no ranking award will be given irrespective of any "cancelled ranking points" awarded 
  • Where a mixed gender direct elimination competition is run as prescribed by the Competition Gender Policy, ranking points will be awarded based on the results of the mixed competition
  • In the case of U17/20 events: 
    • If there are no Junior fencers entered, Cadet fencers will still receive both U17 and U20 ranking points for the event 
    • DE tableaux may be split into gender (refer Competition Gender Policy) but each tableau will be mixed-age.  In the event of cadet fencers having an equal third placing overall, the fencers' seeding after the pool will determine the cadet ranking. 
    • For example: 
      • A Junior fencer wins the event; they receive 1st place U20 ranking points 
      • A cadet fencer comes second in the event; they receive 2nd place U20 ranking points and 1st place U17 ranking points 
      • Two cadet fencers come equal third: they both receive 3rd place U20 ranking points, and the seeding after the pool/s will determine who received 2nd place U17 points and who receives 3rd. 


Points are allocated using the table below:

Regular Events Special Events
1 28 32
2 23 26
3 18 20
5-8 12 14
9-16 7 8
17-32 3 4
33-64 1 2

 A multiplier will be applied to the ranking points for the number of entries (per gender) using the table below:

   Gender   Multiplier
1 0.2
2 0.4
3 0.6
4 0.8
5-8 1
9-16 1
17-32 1.2
33-64 1.4
65+ 1.6

Note: Multiplier results rounded to one decimal place


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