Club Team Event - Entry Protocol Changes

Published Wed 19 Jun 2024

A new sign-up protocol for the team events on July 28th. The new method is being trialled using the capabilities of Rev Sport's event management system, to align the process more similarly to the individual competition enrolment protocol.

Team competition enrolments will now be submitted online using the [Register] button on the event’s registration page. Teams can be registered by anyone with a FencingSA membership, so clubs still can enrol teams for their members.

Here are the main changes from the previous manual entry protocol: 

  1. Team entry must be paid in full at the time of registration
    • Single team entry costs $36
    • Late entry fee (Sunday prior until Thursday prior to event) is $20
    • Refunds will be issued directly to the payee upon cancellation of the event
  2. During registration, team player names must be provided
    • Whole names are required for verification purposes - all players must have a FencingSA licence. 
    • In the case of a team comprising only 3 players, the fourth name field can be populated with “–” or “N/A” to continue
    • Team player line-up change may be requested before the close of entries by contacting
  3. Membership validity is the responsibility of the Clubs/Team Captains
    • All players must have a FencingSA licence
    • Verification of member licences against the Team entry is still a manual process, so:
      • Teams found with unlicenced participants at the close of entry will be disqualified and refunded
      • Teams found with unlicenced participants at the event will be disqualified with NO refund awarded
  4. Events with limits to the number of teams
    • Entries will be accepted in the chronological order of paid registrations.
    • It is difficult to automate this limit, so there may be times when too many teams sign up. FencingSA will always attempt to mitigate any inconvenience in these circumstances.

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