School-Age Teams


Sun 02 Jun 2024 10:00 — 17:00
The Lights Community & Sports Centre, 244-270 East Pkwy, Lightsview SA 5085

Event information

This event has passed.

Welcome to the 2024 School-Age Teams event.


  • 10:00 Intermediate Foil and Epee (roll call 9:45) 
  • 12:00 Senior Foil and Epee (roll call 11:45) 
  • The team captain must present to the DT before roll call and confirm all fencers are present in the venue. Any team not fully present by roll call risks elimination.   


All fencers must be licenced before taking to the piste, or they will not be allowed to fence. 
School coaches/admins: contact for your licence discount code. 

Intermediate: all fencers must be in year 8 or below. 
Senior: recommended year 9 and above.  

Clubs may enter a maximum of two teams per category, schools may enter as many teams as they can support. 

Each team is expected to have a captain (coach, parent or senior fencer) to assist with organising on the day. 


Entries are to be emailed by club admins/school coaches to, with the event name, club/school name, team name, and individual participant names.

Deadline for team entry: Thursday 31 May 23:59 (after which changes may be made by email to a teams' composition, but no new teams may be added). 

Entry Fees:

Club Teams: $10 per participant, to be invoiced to clubs after the event. Clubs may choose to pass this on to individual fencers.
School Teams: no team entry fee.  


  • Format will be decided on the day, depending on how many teams enter each category.  
  • No ranking points are awarded for this event. 
  • Equipment Requirements are per Under 13/Under 11/Under 9/Schools competitions ( Fencers are encouraged to wear breeches if they have them. 


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