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Ranking Rules


The following will be used to calculate the ranking points for each gender/category/weapon;

  • The ranking calculation is based on the accumulated top 5 results achieved in the calendar year for any gender/category/weapon
  • All FSA scheduled named events will use the “special” ranking points in the ranking points table. All open and veteran results of the Robyn Chaplin event for FSA members will be included in the ranking calculation in each gender/category/weapon as a special event. The Robyn Chaplin U23 Foil and Future Champions Cup events are not included in the calculation of the rankings for the year.
  • Where an FSA event is cancelled due to insufficient numbers, those fencers registered by the prescribed cut off time will receive one ranking point for that gender/category/weapon
  • Where a gender/category/weapon event is not run at any time during the calendar year due to insufficient numbers, no ranking award will be given irrespective of any cancelled ranking points awarded
  • Where a mixed gender direct elimination competition is run as prescribed by the Competition Gender Policy, ranking points will be awarded based on the results of the mixed competition

Points are allocated using the table below.

Ranking Normal Special
1 10 12
2 9 11
3 8,8 10,10
5 6 8
6 5 7
7 4 6
8 3 5
9-16 2 4
17-32 1 2
33+ 0 0

Normal - Any scheduled FencingSA competition that is not identified by a name
Special - Any scheduled FencingSA competition with a title, e.g. Kneal/Thomsen/State Championships